About Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Capt. Rick Stanczyk is a born and raised native of Islamorada, Florida Keys.  His family has owned and operated the world famous Bud n’ Mary’s Fishing Marina since 1978, which has been a mecca in the sportfishing community since 1944.  His father, Capt. Richard Stanczyk Sr, grew up in Miami and started offshore fishing there back in the early 1960s.  He moved down to the keys in the late 70s, bought the marina, and began fishing much of the backcountry water.  He guided Capt. Gaspeny to the one-time fly world record bonefish of 14 lbs 6 oz.  Rick spent his childhood weekends and days after school fishing with his father, as well as many summers in the bahamas fishing for blue marlin on his uncle Scotts boat ‘Catch 22′.  He worked on and around many of the offshore charter boats at Bud n’ Mary’s while growing up and did leave for school for a few years. He attended University of Central Florida for business administration, and returned home in 2003 finishing his degree online while working at the marina, helping manage the store, website, and other goings on.  He has been a professional backcountry fishing guide since 2007, growing a tremendous business in a short amount of time with his business and internet skills, as well as helping the marina as a whole have some of its busiest years to date.  He is a calm, cool, collected guide that doesn’t scream or yell at his customers.  He has a passion for catching a variety of fish and loves showing his clients different things, as well as having fun on the water.  He also has a vast fishing knowledge passed down by the collective guides at Bud n’ Mary’s who have been fishing the waters of Islamorada for decades, and is rare to find in such a young guide.  Come fishing with Capt. Rick Stanczyk and your sure to have a great day on the water!

Call Capt. Rick today at 305-747-6903 or e-mail him at rick@fishingislamorada.com!

Islamorada redfish

Capt. Rick Stanczyk with a gorgeous redfish!