We have a couple of special lodging options right at Bud n’ Mary’s Marina that are really cool!  The Swordfish Houseboat and the Lucky Lady II Trawler.  The swordfish house boat is a boat we’ve renovated from the water up, and was completely refinished and put in service in mid 2022.  The Lucky Lady II Trawler is a beautiful Ocean Master cruising trawler we purchased in 2021.  It’s been meticulously kept up and was used as an AirBNB at it’s former dock in Tampa Bay.  Both are situated with gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean right at Bud n’ Mary’s dock, just minutes away from where I keep my boat.

In the offseason (August 16 through December 14) you can get an offseason rate as well.  With the price of lodging in Islamorada these days, these options are an absolute steal and a lot of fun to stay on too!

You can find more information on each of these lodging options here, including full walk through videos:

Swordfish Houseboat


Lucky Lady II Trawler