5-12-13 Fishing in Islamorada

Hey Everybody! Sorry I’ve been slacking on my Islamorada Fishing Report the last few weeks. My excuse it that I have been fishing 6 days a week and haven’t had much time to get on the computer. The overall bite has been pretty good though! We have had some really good days on mahi and a handful of decent days. The reef fishing for snapper has been great too. We have been catching 30 to 40 yellowtail snapper most trips, and a couple mutton snapper have been mixed in to. We’ve caught a few swordfish the last few weeks as well. One trip yielded two broadbill and the other two trips both produced one. As we approach the summer months we will focus more on mahi and deep water bottom fish, like this barrel fish we caught the other day, as well as swordfish. We also had a great day finding a piece of wood two weeks ago where we caught 7 wahoo up to 15 lbs off of it as well as 20 mahi up to 22 lbs.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk