3/3/15 March Islamorada Fishing Report

Well March is here and so are the big tarpon in Islamorada.  We had a late winter so it held off some of the normal ‘early arrivals’ that we catch in February.  Though the last week or more it’s been very warm and tarpon are starting to show up in droves.  The last 5 days we’ve caught at least one tarpon every day.  The last two days however they really have started biting well.  We had a total of 9 bites and landed 5 fish in the last 2 days.  Yesterday they were eating the live mullet well, we weren’t able to stick any though were able to catch one on dead bait in the afternoon.  A big slob of 150 lbs, biggest fish this year so far!  Today we went 4 for 4 in the everglades, fish of 60 to 90 lbs.  It should get better and better, and since it is just not starting I think our fishing later in the season should be better.  The last few years fish have shown up way early and often by end of May/June we would have some ‘dry spells’ where there were not many fish or they wouldn’t bite, likely due to too many showing up too early.  Anyways tarpon is what I am focusing on from now on through the Summer.  Of course we sometimes break it up and fish for other things.  I am booked up fairly solid through May, however we are going to be having another very good hard working young captain run a 2nd skiff for us.  If your looking to get out for some good tarpon fishing the next few months, he will be available for evening trips during ‘prime time.’  Drop me a line and let’s catch you that silver king of a lifetime!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk