12/16/16 Backcountry Fishing December Report

Got out today with my dad for a little ‘fun fishin.’  We brought some live shrimp and didn’t mess with catching other bait, and it worked well for us!  We had a good time fishing way back in the everglades.  We stopped at some creek mouths to start the day and landed a nice snook and a black drum.  After that we caught a nice cobia  just offshore of the beach of the cape, about a 25 lber.  Plenty of small jacks too!  After that we tried some creeks for snook and redfish, but didn’t have much action in the first few stops.  Once the tide started coming in we tried a different creek and there was much more life there.  Lots of ladyfish, jacks, snappers, etc…  We did pick away at the snook and caught 4 or 5 in there.  We also got into a good school of tarpon as the tide got higher further in, and ended up catching a nice 30 lber on shrimp.  Unfortunately he shook the hook as we were leadering him into the net, but we got the release on him.  After that we stopped in a few other areas, caught one more snook off the beach line, then we caught a snook, nice redfish, and a few more black drum in another creek before calling it a day.  All in all a great day!  Fishing the next 3 days and then Wednesday, but I am available Tuesday if anyone is looking to go.  After that we are going out of town until the day after xmas, then i’ll be busy busy busy through new years!  I still have a few days open for that week too though so gimme a shout.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk