12/28/16 December Fishing in the Florida Keys Full Day

Got out with John and his family down from Michigan today.  We had gorgeous weather with a light breeze out of the east that did kick up a little by the time we went home, but not too bad.  We caught a handful of good mackerels and some big pompano out on a gulf wreck in the morning with the last of the falling tide, some very good rod benders!  Also we had plenty of action with jacks and smaller mangrove snappers.  We had a few shots at some cobias, but it was tough to get through the little stuff to get it in front of them.  One cobia did chase a shrimp for a good little ways, but unfortunately something stole it away from him!  After that we fished for some big stuff and had good action with some variety!  We caught a big blacktip shark, a nice bull shark, a nurse shark, a sting ray, and then finished up with about a 70 lb goliath grouper.  We had a few other bites we lost but funny to catch different species every time.  After that we tried a few spots for some redfish but the water was pretty muddy and nasty with the wind kicking up, so we didn’t have much luck and headed on home.  But all in all a fantastic day fishing in the everglades and gulf in december!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk