1/31/17 End of January Florida Everglades Fishing Report

Got out with my dad and Stephen one of our employees at Bud n Marys today for some fun fishing.  We dipped out early to try and get on some good spots for black drum in the everglades.  Some of these spots are fished heavily on the right days so you gotta beat the crowds to get to them sometimes.  Unfortunately today there wasn’t much happening there, we caught 1 little drum and a few catfish there and that was it.  So we worked our way back into some other smaller creeks and ended up having a pretty good day.  Stephen caught his largest snook to date on a live shrimp, it was up inside a little creek on the falling tide.  I think it was so cold that the snook didn’t fight like he normally would have, and he could’ve likely broken us off in the structure as it was thick!  A nice fish of 11 lbs or so.  After that we caught another little snook there and then moved on.  The next creek over we worked our way through, fishing most of the drains and good looking branches, and most areas produced at least a fish or two, and some we caught several in.  It was fun fishing not a red hot bite every cast, but enough to keep you interested if you had patience.  At the end of the tide we got into a short lived snook rally and caught 4 off a branch and then lost a nice big 1.  We also had a tarpon come up and follow a small snook, boil and flash on him like he was gonna eat him, and then turn away.  Pretty cool to see!  After that we caught a few more redfish and black drum to finish the day, as well as an eel which was a surprise to see way up in the creeks.  All in all a great day, I’m not booked tomorrow or Friday if anybody is looking to go, lemme know!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk