2/20/17 February Islamorada Fishing Charter in the backcountry

Little bit windy today, east breeze at 15 mph or so.  We got right after some tarpon first thing this morning.  I had leftover bait so it was easy to go for ’em.  We had good conditions early with the breeze and a few hours of incoming tide.  I knew the tide would be quitting and was on a weak cycle too so thought it best to try for the silver king first.  We had to look around at a few spots, but eventually found a hungry pack of them.  We jumped one and then hooked and caught a nice 100 lber after a 1.5 hour battle!  We also caught blacktip sharks and a sawfish (mud marlin).  After that we tried for another tarpon but conditions (tide mostly) had deteriorated.  So we went into the near gulf and finished up with the spanish mackerel.  It took a little bit for them to get going, but they bit in a strong fashion and we landed probably a couple dozen and a variety of snappers before calling it a day.