12/27/17 December Full Day Backcountry Fishing Trip

Got out with Richard and Luke Cromwell today, return customers of mine that hadn’t been down in the last couple years.  Was good to see them and get out fishing for sure.  Fishing was pretty good we did a bit of everything.  Tried snook in the morning without much success in the first couple stops, but eventually found a few.  Lost one big 10+ lber next to the boat he cut us off I sword it was a shark or something, but we at least got a real good look at him!  We then found some nice sea trout and a few jacks fishing the shorelines, no more snook or redfish though which we were hoping for.  Since it was so calm and nice I figured we’d mix it up and try the gulf.  Lots of triple tail out there we caught several, mostly little guys but one keeper.  We did find a monster 12+ lb fish that we baited and got boatside.  I took a nice video but we unfortunately pulled the hook on him!  Heartbreaker would’ve loved a picture of that, but it’s part of the fishing game and we got the fight and memories anyways.  After that we gave the tarpon a try again.  They were still out there and it looked like slightly better conditions.  The water was a tad warmer, the wind was lighter and more easterly today.  We gave it a hard go and had some shark action, and did get a nice 20 lb cobia that we released. The tarpon were being tough though.  After about 1.5 hours and 4 moves though, we finally got lucky and hooked a nice 90 lber!  Luke fought him well and we got him boatside for some nice pictures.  Persistence paid off!  This time of year it’s no guarantee with them but if it’s warm and the conditions are right, it can definitely happen.  After that we tried one more spot for a possible snook or redfish, but no luck and we headed home.  Just a great day the boys were thrilled with the variety and several nice quality fish, even if we didn’t get them all in the boat!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing