3/21/18 March Backcountry Fishing in Islamorada Florida

March is rolling by fast, time sure flies when you are having fun and fishing every day!  It’s been a strange one with all the late cold fronts I’ve been mentioning, in fact we have another one coming in tonight it’s suppose to drop down into the high 50s for a couple nights again.  Hopefully that’ll be the last of that.  Might be a couple slow days of fishing in the backcountry anyways but there may be a handful of viable options.  Usually the tarpon don’t really like it too much though.  Anyways the last few days we had some incredible tarpon fishing.  A lot of fish showed up as it got slick calm after the last front.  We had 9 bites in two days of fishing, didn’t land near as many though we got a couple one day, and one yesterday.  But all you can do as a guide is put your anglers on them!  Anyways it was still fun action and some larger fish too in the 100+ lb range.  Yesterday we also were rewarded with a big cobia of about 40 lbs!  We let him swim away to catch another day so that was very cool.  Today I had a half day the winds kicked up again northwest as the temperatures started to fall with the front coming in.  We stuck to the middle bay as there had been a lot of algae filled water near home unfortunately.  Hopefully the front will push that all out though.  But we had good mixed bag action with snapper, trout, ladyfish, jacks, and even got a couple redfish so that was cool.  I have full days the next couple days not sure what exactly we will be doing but like I said these steep temperature drops this late usually don’t make the fish real happy.  But hopefully by sunday or monday things will be somewhat back to normal.  I’m hoping too that we will have a very strong april/may with the tarpon, as with the colder conditions I think the early season tarpon haven’t been ‘beaten up’ too much.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing