8/22/18 August Islamorada Fishing Report

Well August is nearing it’s end boy time flies!  We are officially in ‘off season’ mode it feels like.  I can tell the last week or so the phone stopped ringing and the emails have stopped coming in.  Now through September is always a very slow time with business down here, October usually picks up a tad and then again in November.  But it’s a great time to come down because you really have the place to yourself!  We catch all difference species here year round, and we actually get some really good conditions in the late summer/early fall with calmer winds and such.  As of late I’ve been fishing a little bit but getting a few days off a week and we also were on vacation for 7 days or so.  The tarpon are still around and biting, today actually we saw hundreds of tarpon in a big school and managed to catch several of them, including an 80 and 120 lber, so some big ones believe it or not!  The tarpon fishing as of late I’ll say has been fair… it’s not the red hot pull-you-out-of-the-boat action we had in July, but if you put time in and find a good group of fish, you usually get a few shots.  We’ve had a little more wind than usual so that has also made things a little tougher though not terrible.  With the warm water temperatures, even a 15 mph breeze can really stir the sediment up and get things a little muddier than we like.  So sometimes you end up having to move around a bit more to try and find clean water for certain species of fish.  As we get into September like I said it’s usually dead slow.  I have a handful of days on the books already which is great, but I’m usually available short notice if you are looking to go.  I will shoot you straight and if it doesn’t look like it’ll be good, I’ll try and move your trip to another day or even let you bail out.  As I said tarpon can still definitely be a possibility as well as snook, redfish, tripletail, trout, snapper, and more in the backcountry.  Give me a shout and let’s go fishing!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing