11/23/18 November Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing

Got out with Nolan, Olivia, and Shane today for a full day of fishing this November in Islamorada.  Nolan really wanted to try and catch a tarpon, and of course a couple days ago my last day out we had caught several, not even really trying for them.  I was able to sneak out yesterday morning and caught some different types of bait, so we were geared up for anything.  We left early and headed out back.  Winds were light but got a little more when we got in the backcountry, nothing crazy but a good 12 mph out of the north.  We found a bunch of tarpon on the last of the falling tide early.  Busting on little minnows and finger mullets.  They were not really responsive for us though, we tried various types of bait, and moved around several times.  Did get a big blacktip shark and a nurse shark though.  We then hit the creeks when the tide switched and came in, getting high enough to get in some of those areas.  Today though it was not much action in there, we got one snook, a snapper, missed a couple other snook, and then nothing much in a couple other spots.  We then ran further back to try some other shoreline areas.  We did get into a good little bite here, catching several snook and a couple redfish.  It was a nice little flurry of action, but after that it was over.  We then bailed and I ran to my ‘honey hole’ area as of late.  The honey was there and we bailed the redfish, catching them two and three at a time for a good bit.  Also several more snook here as well.  Really a day saver when I needed it!  I gave it some extra time and we checked a few more channels for some larger tarpon.  Nothing in the first couple, but all the way at the end of the last one we did see some signs of a few.  We spun around and set up and then did see a fish roll.  We set up and saw a few more in the next 30 minutes, but no bites unfortunately.  We gave it a hard try but the tarpon eluded us today.  Thankfully we had a good backup plan.  Some times you really have to go all in on those silver kings and there isn’t always an easy plan B, but today we made it happen.  Back at it tomorrow!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing