12/17/18 December Everglades Fishing Report

Day 2 with Pride and his son Nick.  Yesterday was flat calm and just a perfect day.  Today we had a bit more wind though nothing crazy, but a steady 10-15 mph northwest breeze.  It cooled off a bit too, nothing extreme but got back into the low 60s last night.  We decided to try the cape sable creeks and canals.  We got there and I expected fishing would be pretty good, however it seemed to not be the case!  We tried a good amount of spots in several areas.  A couple produces a handful of fish, but just a few.  A small snook and juvenile goliath in one spot, and another spot we picked maybe 4 or 5 reds and that was about it.  A couple spots that looked good had nothing at all!  Though we had weird tide it was a very weak current, and medium/high water levels, plus the westerly direction of the wind I think kind of mudded up some of the areas.  So it didn’t seem very productive in there.  We bailed and we hit another area where we got into a decent snook bite, although nothing real big though we did lose one nice one.  A handful of redfish here as well.  We found a good load of redfish in another area though, including a few real nice size fish over 24 inches!  Later on we got a handful of black drums maybe 5 or so, and Nick got 2 very respectable snook, one of 12 lbs and one that was probably 16 lbs.  Great way to end the day and Pride and Nick were thrilled with two great days of fishing.  I’ll be back at it tomorrow I think I just have a half day, then fishing through until I leave Saturady for the holidays.  Looks like Thursday and Friday may be nasty weather but of course we all know you don’t really know until it gets here.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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