4/17/19 April Snook Fishing in the Florida Keys

Fun day 2 with Brent and Colin! We decided to mix it up and went after snook in the Everglades. We first had to catch some pilchards, which we found near home. Got one good shot on them and wound up with 5 dozen baits or so. We headed out back after that. First stop we caught the tide change. Nothing at first, but soon we hooked up a nice snook Colin landed. A beauty around 15 lbs! That wound up being the biggest of the day. After that we caught a smaller one, and broke off a other one that was probably a larger one. We then tried some shoreline area without much luck. We hit the creeks and picked a few more snook out of there about a half dozen or so. After the tide got higher, we snuck out to where I hoped a school of reds would be. There weren’t many reds, but plenty of more snook! We caught a dozen or so more and a couple reds as well as a big trout. We then ran back towards home in hopes of a tarpon. Gave it a try for the last hour or so but no luck. Anyways overall a great day fun to do something different again. Back to the tarpon grind tomorrow, then off for a couple days. Looks like undesirable weather Friday and Saturday with another late cold front wind swing, so won’t mind being off!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing