6/20/19 Late June Summer time fishing in Islamorada

Well summer is here and the fishing is just great!  I’m still doing a lot of tarpon fishing but we’ve also had some other things going on too.  With my new Contender Bay Boat that can go 50 mph, i’ve been able to get to some pretty cool areas deep in the backcountry as well as out in the gulf.  We’ve been having some great permit fishing out on some deeper gulf wrecks, and that should continue through July which is often when it gets even better!  With this new boat, on a full day you can easily have time to tarpon fish in the morning, then hit the gulf wrecks in the afternoon on the right days (calmer, can’t be cranking wind) and then still even possibly have time to do something else on the way home!  Just all depends how cooperative the fish are.  Anyways in the last couple weeks, we’ve had some great days out there catching multiple permit on some trips.  Other days they were a little bit tougher and we may have just gotten 1 or 2.  Tarpon fishing has been pretty good for me lately though I’ve been running very far.  It’s been consistent though, I have yet to strike out in the area I’m fishing and most of the time we’ve landed multiple fish.  Snook and redfish fishing had been very good back there too, though as of late it got a little tougher in some areas with the southerly winds we had.  Though the flamingo area has still been good with snook/redfish even with that not so great wind direction.  Anyways July is just around the corner and that is one of my favorite months to fish here.  It was a stellar month for tarpon last year and often is, and again can be great for other things too!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing