8/23/19 August Fishing in the Backcountry of Islamorada

Wow what a day with John visiting from Ohio! It was weird weather – light north breeze with a tad of a chill to it. We got into the Backcountry and it was very pleasant and stayed somewhat overcast most the day, but never rained on us. John was up for catching anything, and we had struggled a bit the day before tarpon fishing (we jumped 2,but couldn’t keep them on the hooks but did catch lots of sharks). So we opted to mix it up some. We found some very pretty water with the north wind helping clean things up, and bait everywhere likely from that as well. The snook and reds were chewing… We went through 30 pinfish in a couple hours, and luckily had plenty of big shrimp too which they loved. It was my kind of fishing, we worked the trolling motor and fished along, catching as we moved. We found a few spots loaded with fish too. Some very big snook were had later too in some good honey holes. Also a lot of our redfish were good size too. Just awesome fishing and John was spoiled having never caught either a snook or red before. We looked for tarpon briefly for the last hour and found a handful, but no cooperation there though we did catch a handful of sharks. But still what a day! The kind that keeps you coming back when those magical conditions arrive and it’s like a dream out there!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing