11/26/19 November Backcountry Islamorada Fishing Trip

Return customers David and Kathy came down to fish with me again and brought the kids along this time as well.  We had a great day starting off with some lunker redfish that have been around.  A lot of 10 to 15 lb fish very nice to see!  We caught probably 20 or so and then left ’em alone as some other boats were moving in.  We worked around hard for the next couple hours it was a little tough for a bit, we managed to pick a few small fish off a few spots, and then a few spots without much of anything.  Tried my area where I’d found some big monster fish the last few days but it didn’t look too good there, muddy water and ripping tide, and no bites.  We had time to make one last big move thanks to being in the Contender with some speed, and we got on a good spot finishing out the day with another dozen redfish, a few more snook, a black drum, and a sheepshead.  So all in all a great day when you looked at the scorecard.

I’m off until next week going out of town for Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone has a great holiday.  I’ll be back to fishing hard next Wednesday.  The whole week before Christmas is open if anyone wants to go fishing, just read my latest reports you can see it’s been good.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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