6/16/20 Mid June Massive Snook Crush in the Everglades!

Well summer is officially here and that means it’s time for big everglades snook.  When things warm up this time of year and it gets calm the snook spawn usually is on and we get a lot of fish showing up offshore and large ones at that.  Really have been waiting for this all year as we had an epic year last year in the summer and fall with them.  Today was the day I happened to have a cancellation so my dad wanted to go along with our good friends Dave and his son Jack.  We caught fish almost everywhere we went.  Not big numbers but just 1 or 2 good solid bites off each spot.  Snook in the 10-15 lb range, with a few in the 20 lb range and one that was probably 25 lbs!  I think we got 8 big ones in total ranging from 15 to 25 lbs.  We also had a big black drum get eaten by a shark unfortunately and caught a bunch of smaller snook too when we tried a spot.  Just an epic day and like I said we’ve been waiting for a while for this to get good and today was the day.  We had a nice light northeast breeze and over cast all day so really about as good of conditions as you could ask for and that set them off.  We’re usually happy to catch 1 or 2 nice snook like this in a day but we were lucky today.  But now through October chances of catching good snook are pretty good.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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