8/17/2021 Mid August Everglades Islamorada Fishing Report

Still plugging away here in August fishing in the backcountry.  I had my neighbor Andrew and his buddies John & Tim out yesterday for the day.  Little bit of breeze that picked up slowly throughout the day, though mostly easterly which isn’t bad for us usually.  We caught pilchards to start the day, our favorite small little baitfish for just about everything we catch.  That was easy enough but unfortunately when we got where we were going I opened the live well and everything was near dead!  A lone jellyfish had gotten in there and killed most of them, what way to start the day!  Thankfully the Contender bay boat has a second live well and I put one haul of bait in there just for backup which got us through!  We worked some shorelines early on and it was steady action for several hours.  Not really any red hot flurries, but catch a few here, a few there, maybe double or triple up in a few spots.  But nice consistent action which is always fun and moving the whole time.  All redfish and snook the reds were decent size too good to see them around.  After a few hours of that we headed towards home and stopped in one area to try for someting glorious.  Was hoping for a big snook possibly, but we were instead rewarded with quite a few large redfish, 4 tarpon, a goliath grouper, and a tripletail!  Just insane and very funny because I was at this same spot the day before with my dad and we never had a bite of anything.  Just goes to show you things can change like that from one day to the next.  Anyways awesome day I wish they were all that good, but possibilities like this are out there.  The next few months are ‘off season’ for business here so I’m not fishing every single day and have more shorter notice availability.  If you wanna get out and fish drop me a line, especially come September.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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