November Islamorada Fishing Report, gulf of mexico turns back on!

The muddy water, dead grass, and general downturn from hurricane sandy cleared up dramatically today in the gulf of mexico during our november islamorada fishing trip on 11/4/12.  Started out west near sprigger bank, caught some nice mangrove snappers and bluefish on pilchards.  After a long while a few spanish mackerels showed up, we caught half a dozen nice ones and broke a few others off.  This is a great option when backcountry fishing florida keys on a half day in the winter time, a few more weeks and another cold front and they should be going strong.  I love gulf of mexico fishing and it’s a good time of year for cobia when the waters near low 70 degrees.  That’s what we looked for later, ran further out to some deeper gulf wrecks.  Saw some permit in islamorada on them when we pulled up but they bolted quick, anchored down and had one swim back up but he got spooked by the boat as he swam right into it.  Had another lay up on the surface, fins out of the water.  He had a chunk out of his back was likely almost a shark appetizer!  He did not want to eat though did drop down to look at a big shrimp.  So we put some islamorada cobia fishing baits out, some humming pinfish.  Ended up getting 4 nice cobias, Carols caught one casthing a pilchard too on a trout rod/jig – this was a battle!  Also got a small goliath grouper, and a much larger 100 lber on a chunk of mackerel.  Then got a 250 lb bull shark as well on a jack cut in half, nice action on the big rods!  The tide quit soon after this, and not much was going on with the incoming water, so we split.  Ran the crab lines looking for triple tail, saw a handful, had one eat and spit, and then caught one.  It was a great end to a november florida keys fishing trip.  This should be a great week of fishing and as long as the winds stay down, we have good tide and the water has cleared up nicely out there… fish on!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk