1-6-13 Islamorada Reef Fishing Report

It’s been a warm week here in while deep sea fishing in Islamorada. The air temperatures have around 80 degrees. On our offshore Islamorada fishing charters the past few days we have been staying on the edge of the reef. Today we started out the day trying for a sailfish. We put up 2 kites with 2 baits on each one. We caught a few bonito right away, and patiently waited for a sail bite. Finally after a couple hours we had an Islamorada Sailfish in the spread. He grabbed the left short kite bait but blew it out very fast. He followed the bait around for a few seconds and we tried to pitch him a fresh live one on a spinning rod, but it was too late. He knew we were up to no good and left us alone. In the afternoon we fished around a wreck a had lots of action with King Mackerel. We kept a few and lost a few around the boat. An unexpected dolphin (mahi) swam by and we caught her for dinner too. We also released a few small amberjack.  After that we caught and released a few barracuda before heading home. The day before I took 2 half day Islamorada reef fishing trips. In the morning we anchored down and caught our limit of yellowtail snapper. They aren’t huge, averaging about 1 lb, but they are extremely tasty and fun to catch. We then went to a wreck for a half an hour and caught a few king mackerel to 15 lbs. In the afternoon we caught 10 more yellowtails for dinner and then went out to the deeper water. Unfortunately Lisa got a little sea sick so we went back in to shallower water and caught a couple barracudas before heading home a little early. The day before that we caught a few big amberjack to 48 lbs as well as releasing 1 of 2 sailfish. Book your Islamorada Fishing Trip Today!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk – bnmcharters@gmail.com