5/27/13 Hard winds in the end of May

Well the wind is howling today and forecast too for several days but not stopping us from catching fish!  We caught 2 big tarpon last night in the memorial day weekend insanity while onlookers on waverunners circled us.  And I mean 2 tarpon at once – a double header!  That doesn’t happen too often but we were lucky enough to land both fish.  Today fishing was slow around town we had plenty of mullet we caught before daybreak but couldn’t get the fish going really even though we found them in several places.  Just not a bunch around like there was and they are kind of transitioning from mullet mania too crabs.  We did get one on the bottom though a big 100 lb florida keys tarpon, plus a bull shark and a few nurse sharks.  Some backcountry action tomorrow is in the books!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk