6/11/13 June backcountry fishing in Islamorada

Well the fishing has been a little tough on the backside the past week or so.  We’ve been able to catch some things though nothing has come easy not even the trout or ladyfish!  Today things got much better we fished the gulf of mexico as it was nice and calm.  The water has had a real green tinge to it and that has lightened a little bit, a lot of grass floating but starting to thin out with the winds dying.  We caught lots of big sharks – bulls, blacktips, and even a lemon.  We caught a nice permit as well and had several other shots at them though they were very finicky.  Wouldn’t eat crabs, and the one we caught we were casting at another fish and this one ate it blindly from underneath.  We did get a cobia too and had another nice cobia we pulled the hooks on unfortunately.  Some guys got into some tarpon today too which is nice to hear as the tarpon bite during the day has been very slow not many fish in the backcountry and the local islamorada fish are very hit or miss unless you go very early or late (in darkness!).  Oh well the june fishing in the florida keys can still be very good and later in the summer the fishing in the gulf for permit is a great option on calm days with falling tides!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk