3/6/2024 Early March Tarpon fishing is heating up!

Well March is here and we finally have said goodbye to the cold weather of February thankfully!  It was a rough late winter with cold and rain and we were definitely over it.  Thankfully March so far has been fairly calm and mild which is unusual as it is often one of our windiest months of the year.  The forecast looks pretty mild too for the next 10 days or so but nothing surprises me much anymore with the weather!  Tarpon have been showing up in force since this past weekend.  Thousands of fish fresh in from the gulf are staging up in the backcountry ready to make there annual migration through the Florida Keys to spawn.  We’ve had great fishing the past week I’ve been out each day since Sunday and we’ve had multiple tarpon caught each day and many more hooked.  As long as the weather stays fairly warm they should be strong out there for the rest of the month into early April.  Then we start bridge fishing a little bit more locally through May and early June.  But the next few months are typically what we consider ‘prime’ tarpon season.  So if you want to catch one it’s a good time to go!  We had lots of fish eating fresh mullet which are fairly plentiful right now and the guys who work hard are making sure to keep stocked up with them.  We also have been having good luck with live pinfish which is a cool bite and the nice thing about those guys they are easy to keep in the livewell and stay pretty hardy without much care.  As of late the incoming tide has been the ticket with the tarpon but we’ll be switching to falling tide for our fishing window next week.  I think it’ll be fine though this week we had funky tides so the fall was very weak when it started out and didn’t last long.  But that should be a different scenario next week.  Anyways it’s super busy here now but we have openings if not with myself Capt. Steve or Capt. Trent are dialed in on the silver kings as well.  Give me a shout and let’s get you that trophy tarpon of a life time!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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