4/21/15 April is tarpon time in Islamorada!

Tarpon season has been in full swing here in Islamorada, Florida for the past month or so.  A portion of March was flat calm and very good fishing for tarpon and the other part was very windy with some cold frontal-type weather that made that a little tougher.  Though April has been good fishing all around for the silver king.  Earlier in the month I was fishing the backcountry often and that has still been decent on and off, however as of late we’ve had some major issues with the red ‘lions mange’ weed that pollutes the channels and gulf area we fish.  Unfortunately some days it’s so bad you can’t even fish.  Luckily the last couple weeks the fishing closer to home has been very good and the mullet have been much more consistent in the mornings, so I’ve been sticking to that routine.  The last week the fishing has been quite phenomenal.  We’ve caught tarpon every trip the last two or so weeks.  The last two days we landed 7 mostly on live mullet.  Both the incoming and falling tides have shown good fishing.  The sargasm weed near the bridges has had to be contended with, though you can usually find areas where it isn’t so bad and you can fish.  Other than tarpon there have been some mongo snappers around the bridges if your looking for dinner.  Also a mix of sharks and barracudas in the bays along with the occasional grouper.  I have not been doing much else though there has been some snook in the everglades, along with some trout and snapper in the bays.  Tripletail and permit could be an option in the gulf if we get some calmer weather though it’s been blowing fairly steadily the last 2 weeks.  Anyways the tarpon action is red hot locally and should continue so through May and perhaps into the summer as well.  Summer time usually around mid june I start fishing the everglades much more again for tarpon and the last couple years that has been very good.  If your looking to get out on the water let me know, summer is a great time and I still have availability!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk