1/22/17 Islamorada Half Day fishing in January

Whew today it was a windy one blowing 20-25 out of the southwest!  We were able to get out though and do some fishing.  The ride out wasn’t terrible we were able to scoot across shallow water for a good part of it without getting too beat up or wet, and eventually tacked down sea out into the near gulf.  Once anchored it wasn’t really bad and we had pretty good fishing.  We caught about 2 dozen mackerels, and a handful of blue runners, yellowtails, and a red grouper.  Definitely worth the run out there!  Going home it was a bit more difficult as we had a bad angle with the wind, so we had to zig and zag a lot and took a bit more spray than I like but at least it wasn’t cold!  Once we got to shallow water again it wasn’t bad the rest of the way, but that’s the price of admission on days like today.  The nice thing about fishing in the Florida Keys backcountry is you can just about always get out no matter what the weather is doing and get it done.  Taking tomorrow off and then tuesday I am open, it is suppose to get nicer tuesday and I hope we are gonna have a great end of the week with the weather cooling off monday and tuesday night.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk