1/25/17 Half Day Florida Keys Fishing in the Gulf

Got out this morning it was a gorgeous day on the water with the Konovsky’s down from Chicago.  Monday we had that crazy front hit us and it was blowing 40+mph for most of the day!  About as windy as it gets aside from a major tropical depression or something.  Anyways much of the bay and even oceanside patches have been turned to mud, so we ran further west as its more open water and I figured it’d be a better bet for fishing.  A few guys that fished yesterday said they had struggled in the mud too…  Anyways it was a great ride, flat calm and a little chilly since it cooled off but not too bad.  The action was hot and heavy from the start we had plenty of mackerels, blue runners, a few bluefish, a few ladyfish, and a mix of snappers as well!  Kept a couple snappers for dinner.  We even caught a few mackerel on the fly too.  I normally don’t do much serious fly fishing but this is one type of fishery that it’s easy to do when they are biting.  Anyways a couple hours went by fairly quick and we headed back home.  The next couple of days I am fishing full days but have some dates open next week.  Looks like the weather is going to stay on the cooler side as we have another mild front coming in Friday night, which should keep the backcountry/gulf fishing good.  Hopefully the backcountry water will clear up a bit the next few days if it stays this calm.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk