2/11/17 February Fishing in South Florida

Today the winds swung back to the east/southeast, it wasn’t blowing too hard either but still 10-15 mph.  We caught the mackerels well in the morning it was action just about every cast.  I had 3 anglers and this was a good option for them.  We kept a few for bait and some for the table as well.  After that we tried to see if their were some big critters in the channels where they were a few days ago before the last front.  We sat for about 40 minutes with our cut bait out, but alas never even had a sniff on them.  I didn’t see any tarpon roll or anything either, so we went to another area further back.  Here the fishing was much better and I noticed the water temperature was also 73 degrees instead of 70 like the previous spot.  We ended up catching a couple goliath groupers, a couple big sawfish (only saw the bill of 1 before he cut us off), and a big lemon shark.  It was good action and some big fish!  After that we caught some snappers for dinner on our shrimp leftovers, couldn’t find any monster snappers to eat our cut bait, but we did get a few keepers for the table.  Tomorrow I have the day off so far, will be nice!  Next week it’s getting busy again.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk