2/13/17 February backcountry fishing in the Gulf

Got out with Jim and Gwen, two of my favorite long time customers.  We hit the mackerel grounds early and caught a ton of spanish macks it was hot and heavy action.  Also a few bluefish and blue runners in the mix.  After that Jim wanted to try for a goliath grouper so we ran out further to one of the wrecks that hold them.  Unfortunately there were so many big bull sharks at the wreck it was tough to get through them.  We got one big 300 lb bull shark up to the boat, and proceeded to hook 4 more that we chased around and eventually just popped most of them off trying to get back to the grouper.  Jim wasn’t feeling well though and eventually he had enough and we decided to head in a little early.  On the way home I spotted a couple triple tail, and one looked like a keeper so I talked him into just spinning around to catch that – as triple tail was on his species target list too.  We got him for dinner, and headed home happy.  I have tomorrow off to do some service work on my motor, then back at it Wednesday with these two again.  Suppose to blow but it’s warm enough again for tarpon so may give that a shot, we’ll see…

Capt. Rick Stanczyk