2/27/16 Half Days Fishing Islamorada in February

Got out for double half days again today.  This morning I had Colon, Lucas, and Lorry out.  They were visting from the Cayman Islands!  It was fairly windy but not too bad for my larger boat.  We got out to the mackerel grounds in about an hour and had good fishing with the breeze.  Lots of spanish mackerel, a few snapper and blue runners too.  We hooked several big sharks and landed a large nurse shark.  The black tips though were so big and with it being rough, they broke hooks and cut us off on both attempts!  But fun none the less to see them go crazy jumping.

This afternoon I had Andy, Aiden, and Bob who fished with me last October for tarpon and had good fishing then.  We did the same deal as this morning and it was still a good bite!  The first fish in the boat cut my finger though so I was bleeding everywhere which wasn’t fun, but was still able to catch lots of fish!  We again hooked several big sharks, and almost landed a couple, but they were still biting us off and it was tough fighting them in the bigger seas.  But all in all a good couple half days with lots of rod bending action.  Tomorrow I’m back on regular full day schedule, not sure what we’ll be doing but hopefully they’re biting!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk