Snook fishing post irma

Got out last sunday with my friend Vic and fellow Capt. Mike Bassett. Bait was swarming we caught some locally around Islamorada. Loaded up with a few hundred pilchards and finger mullet. The bait run is in effect! We had to run a ways up islamorada to get the bait, and with the winds cranking we didn’t get back to the fishing areas to almost 10:00 or so.  The winds were blowing a bit out of the south, not my favorite, but this was Vics day to go so we did. We got back to the cape sable area of flamingo and started fishing. The tide was super high and ripping in and the winds kicked up even more, so the water wasn’t very pretty. Inside the canal there was a deeper, darker brown almost tanic color, though it wasn’t a clean tanic but more muddy. I didn’t see many places that looked worth fishing so we tried the outside edge on the west side of sable that was more in the lee of the wind. We caught a big lemon shark on light tackle and vic got a snook. Not much after that we tried another area inside and saw lots of baby tarpon. They flashed on some free baits we threw, but couldn’t get them to respond to our hook baits. We tried another area without much luck either. We then tried somewhere else on the inside of the cape and caught a handful of snook and a sheepshead there. Vic was showing us how to do it he got all the snook! After that we were a little burnt out and I was having some fuel issues with my boat so we headed home. But a fun day and it was good to get out on the water post-hurricane irma. This week the winds are really cranking as another tropical storm is forming in the gulf and we are getting plenty of rain which we need to help clean up and restore our trees in the area after the hurricane. But I think the fishing later in October will be very good and once the winds lay down some it should be game on, hopefully by later this weekend that will be the case. My next day booked is Sunday and tarpon is on the agenda, we will likely be trying some other tactics. But if you are wanting to go fishing give me a shout, the upper keys are definitely back open and ready for business!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk