10/17/17 October Backcountry Fishing in Islamorada

Well the last few days on the water were pretty great.  I did not fish Sunday but I did on saturday, monday, and tuesday.  Nice to have a little busy roll while the fishing and weather were good!  Saturday it was still on the windier side but we had a fun day.  I had Bob and his son Bobby out for the day.  Tarpon was the main thing they wanted to try to catch.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen for us that day but we did manage some nice snook in the morning and a redfish.  We did hook up to two smaller tarpon but both came unbuttoned.  Later in the day we tried for more snook and smaller tarpon and things were a little slow for a few stops.  For the last bit of the day we tried for larger tarpon though we didn’t see a lot of activity, but we got a nice blacktip shark to finish the day and a couple more snook at another stop.  Monday the winds laid out flat and it looked ripe for fishing.  We banged the snook in the morning… they were really biting this day.  We also had one little tarpon we lost.  Then for the latter part of the day we tried for larger tarpon offshore.  We found a good group of them and had four bites, the first one we missed, second one broke us off on the motor, then we landed the last two for Colin and Stephen who were visiting from the UK.  We also got a very large 150 lb lemon shark.  Great day for these boys and there buddies were also with another captain and they had a very similar catch with a couple tarpon and some snook as well.  Yesterday I had Jerry and his son in law Marc.  We were originally booked a half day but I talked them into doing a 3/4 day instead so we could run into the backcountry.  We loaded up on pilchards and away we went.  The snook were chewing again I think they each landed a dozen or so!  We also got a couple redfish, the little tarpon were there though unfortunately didn’t want to play.  We tried offshore in the same area for the tarpon it was a little windier today and I didn’t see much for signs of them.  I only had a couple good hook baits and we chummed with our pilchards.  Marc ended up getting a couple very large snook though of 12 and 15 lbs which was very cool, and Jerry got a nice 50 lb lemon shark.  We caught a few more snook and some big jacks and a redfish around another islands on the way home.  Anyways the fishing like I said has been pretty good.  I’m going out for fun with my dad and a friend tomorrow, then I have availability Friday, Saturday, or some days next week!  Give me a shout if you want to get out.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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