11/3/17 November Fishing in the Backcountry Islamorada

Got out with Bruce, Dan, and Alan today, return customers who come down from Miami to visit the Keys. The weather was gorgeous with light northeasterly winds. They originally wanted to do a half day, but wanted to target snook. Most of the areas where we snook fish in the everglades are an hour run, so unless you get lucky and hit ’em good in your first or second stop, it can be tough to do with only a couple hours of fishing time. Plus with the way fishing has been lately with all the nasty water around and temperature fluctuations, where the bite is has been changing day by day so more time lets you work more areas, fish different tides, etc… Today also was almost one of those days where we jokingly say it’s too pretty to do that kind of fishing… as when it gets calm and warm in the ‘snook areas’ especially in the winter, it can often be very buggy and tougher fishing. Often times your ‘open water’ areas can be more productive on days like this. Anyways we did manage to get in on a decent bite first thing on the last of the falling tide and the bugs weren’t too bad, not red hot but I think we managed to catch 7 or 8 snook and probably missed another half dozen. This was an area that few days ago there wasn’t much of anything as the tide was incoming those days and bringing lots of muddy ugly water in. Once the tide turned we backtracked and fished some areas where I’d had luck the last few days. Unfortunately today there wasn’t much going on there, I was actually a bit surprised. We worked a couple areas with the trolling motor without a sniff aside from a few catfish, then tried anchoring in another spot that had been real good when the water was colder, but nothing at all there today aside from a few catfish. No drum or redfish today either – they definitely prefer the cooler water temperatures and it has risen up from a few days ago. After that we tried one other creek that I had caught a few redfish in yesterday. We did manage to get another snook there, and then had another good bite I thought was a snook but ended up being a very large hardhead catfish! Anyways I was glad we were able to catch a few fish and enjoy a beautiful day in everglades national park.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing