3/19/2023 Snookzillas were biting!

Got out with my dad and our buddy Ed for a quick sunday morning half day trip.  Had to be back in early as I had to watch my boys in the afternoon so we just left the dock at 6 and were back in by 11.  We had another late season ‘cool’ front approaching and it was almost slick calm with just a light northerly breeze early on.  As the morning went on it actually got slightly colder and the sun never seemed to really want to come out.  Definitely one of those prefrontal days.  But the fish were happy as they often are on days like that.  We managed 3 jumbo snooks and had one other bite we missed!  Snook of this caliber you are lucky to catch one fishing all day long often times, and many times it’s all or nothing you have to put the time in to get that one bite.  So getting three was a thrill!  Jigging large size pinfish did the trick for these large everglades snook.  We’ve been getting a few more in recent weeks so that’s a good sign hopefully we’ll have an awesome summer for them.  Of course there were plenty of tarpon splashing around out there too we didn’t really mess with them.  But this time of year it’s definitely possible to do some tarpon fishing and still have time to try for a trophy snook such as this.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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