11/11/17 November Fishing in Florida Bay

Got out with Andy and his stepson Trey again for day 2 of fishing in the florida keys in november.  The winds were howling out of the east 25 mph, but the nice thing about the charter fishing in the keys is we have a lot of protected water in the florida bay.  We can skirt along the edges of the shallow bay flats to keep the waves down and keep everyone fairly dry for the ride.  We did some everglades mangrove island fishing and caught some mangrove snappers.  Not anything huge but we got a half dozen keeper size ones which we kept for the boys for lunch.  Just about every restaurant in town will do a florida keys hook and cook with snapper, and we don’t mind to fillet them for you at the dock.  We also got a nice jack crevelle, and Trey got a sheepshead which was another species on his list of fish.  I think they both ended up catching at least a half dozen species of fish in their 2 days they’d never caught before!  After that we headed back towards channel 2 bridge in islamorada for fishing in the bay.  We hit a little wreck and anchored which was a little tough as it was so windy but finally got the boat to hang.  Once we got to fishing it wasn’t too bad, we caught some more jack crevelles, a couple big ladyfish, and a couple mackerel though both the spanish mackerel cut us off at the boat before we could get any pictures.  After an hour or so of that the guys were wore out and hungry so we headed in a little early on our 3/4 day to clean fish and send them to the restaurant for lunch!  They had a great time doing something different on their second day of fishing here, and Andy said he’d be back next June for some summer time tarpon fishing in the everglades.  I’m not booked tomorrow but have a full day trip Monday, think we are going after snook and the winds are suppse to lay back down tomorrow so hopefully it’ll be good!  I’ll probably try to catch some live pilchards for bait fish tomorrow so I’ll be locked and loaded for Monday.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing