12/30/17 December Everglades Fishing Trip for Snook

Got out for a full day with Vince, Steven, and their dad Roy.  Vince fished with me a year ago and had a good time catching nice cobia and other assorted species.  We caught pilchards and had nice live shrimp and headed into the backcountry everglades.  Snook was the primary target, yesterday we caught a handful but I saw where some boats were doing well with them so figured we’d try it today.  However a front came in and dropped water temperatures slightly as well as kicked up a northwest wind.  Today the water looked totally different compared to yesterday… very muddy and in some areas even some algae seemed to be coming in.  We worked one island moat very hard with our live baits and only caught one snapper.  We tried another island and did get a snook their as well as a juvenile goliath grouper and a monster 17 inch snapper.  After that though it quieted down.  We checked the western mainland shoreline and there was where the water had a yellow algae-like tinge, no bites in one creek that looked good other wise.  We ran back towards home and checked a few areas but I didn’t even bother to stop as I could tell it was a mud-out and wouldn’t be good.  We tried some other islands in the bay and found a good load of nice size snappers which were great as the boys wanted some table fare.  We also picked a few redfish too which was cool.  We hit another island after that and more nice size snappers, we got our limit of 15 for the 3 guys and then headed home.  Overall we made out OK but not easy by any means, never like it when a weak front comes in I usually want it to get cold fast.  But it is suppose to get colder and into the 50s so our winter time bite of nice snook, reds, and drum should turn back on.  Fishing through the 3rd then I’m open after that if anyone wants to go conditions should be favorable!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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