1/2/19 January first charter of 2019

Great day with Kale, Trey, and Dillard. Winds were not too crazy to start but started cranking late morning to 25 mph! Noaa got it wrong. Didn’t slow the fishing down too much though. We hit a spot on low tide first thing in the morning, a little tricky getting in with the negative tide but we made it. We picked a few reds there but not a whole lot. We then ran and hit the creeks. Fishing was pretty good here and quite a few snook which was our target species. No big packs but we caught a good handful in each spot really. A few reds mixed in and a nice juvenile Goliath too. Trey got the biggest snook of the day, picture doesn’t do it justice but Id say a solid 12 lber. Lots of crocodiles out on the prowl back here and we saw someone who got stuck in the mud the day before and the tow boat had to pull them off! Afterwards we hit another area on the way home on the top of the tide, and good luck there lots of reds, a good handful more snook, and a couple black drums, trout, and Jack’s. All in all we beat them up pretty good nice to see the fishing so solid back there with not so great conditions. Taking a day off tomorrow I caught a cold fromy boy, hopefully back at it Friday.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing