1/10/19 January Everglades Fishing during a cold front

Fantastic fishing despite the cold weather today! I had Pete and his grandsons Alec and Ben out. Things cooled off and got into the low 50s in the backcountry. Not too bad of a ride out though, windy but definitely gets worse with some major fronts. We hit the creeks and fishing was good! We found a bunch of redfish early on. As things warmed up and we got more dialed in on our casting, a few snook started to show up. You really had to get your shrimp right in the sticks to entice the snook bite, if you were a foot out they wouldn’t grab it. After a bit we shuffled around a bit. More of the same really, redfish in every spot and a handful of snook in most. Did get a cool sheepshead too and a few trout and snapper. Caught fish every where we went which was nice. Super low tide by noon time, so had to be careful running around. Never caught a black drum today which surprised me, usually they show up stronger when it cools off. But we may get another big push of them with more cold weather on the way next week. I’m wide open this coming week starting Saturday with exception to Sunday and Tuesday. If you wanna go fish it’s good. Cold this week may really get ’em chewing!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing