3/24/19 March Florida Keys Everglades Fishing Report

Had David and Jared out today after a day off yesterday. Winds were howling a little bit, east though so not a bad direction. Water temps still on the chilly side. We opted for action and to maybe try for a tarpon later in the day. We found a few large reds and black drum to start the day. David landed a nice one of each and we got a few smaller as well. Also a ton of trout. We made our way into the creeks as the wind picked up more. Much weaker tide then a few days ago, funny how fast it can change. Actually not a very low tide at all it stayed nearly a foot above the low from two days ago. We worked around and picked some reds in one spot, then found a couple small snook in a couple other spots. After that we had a dry spell the next couple stops. Finally gave it one more whirl and got into a decent snook bite catching a half dozen or so plus a few more reds and a baby cubera snapper. We ran back to Islamorada to try for tarpon the last hour. No luck though. Water is definitely in the temperature range but with the howling winds we didn’t see many fish. Looks like it’ll calm down tomorrow so it could be better. We will find out! Unfortunately another front on Wednesday to cool things off again. Never know with this early spring weather.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing