1/25/19 January Full Day Everglades Backcountry Fishing Trip

Well good news I got my boat back up and running Wednesday afternoon.  We had tons of action with Jim and Gwen! They’ve been fishing with me almost since I started guiding. We were gonna fish yesterday but I had today scheduled as a day off, and the forecast didn’t look great the day before do we opted to go today. Of course it ended up gorgeous yesterday, weather man is often wrong! But today was nice too and north wind which I prefer. First stop was slow, current was racing and tide was high. But Jim got a juvenile Goliath here. Next stop we didn’t get much early on, but once the tidal current slowed down it was game on! Lots of redfish, a few snook, and a few sheepshead! We tried a couple spots after that for something big, not much luck though we did get smaller Goliaths again on each of those spots! We tried another creek on the way home and got one more snook. That wrapped up our day, it was colder on the ride home than in the morning. Half day tomorrow then looks like the weather may get a little nasty but we will show up at the dock and see how it looks and try to get our day in Sunday.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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