2/11/19 February Everglades Backcountry Fishing Charter

Lots of action today in the glades! Larry had booked with me some time ago, and I had he and his son out today! Last year we caught big tarpon. They wanted to try and catch some snook as they hadn’t caught those down here yet. We headed out into the Everglades early and planned on a mixed bag day, with hopefully some snook included of course. We checked an area for tarpon first thing and we did find a handful, though they weren’t very interested in our offerings and kind of split as soon as we got set up. We did catch a few sharks though. After that we went to out lighter gear and got into a ton of redfish! It was fish every cast. We also got a few small snook, or sneaks as we like to call them. A few juvenile Goliaths were landed as well. We tried a few other spots and all had a variety of fish, including one other spot with plenty of reds and some nice size trout. On the way home we hit a couple more snook spots, and did catch a few nice size ones for the boys which was fun. Back at it tomorrow likely with a similar plan. Fishing is still really good, more fish in the Everglades then I can ever remember!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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