11/19/19 November post cold front nice day in Islamorada!

Got out with Nathan and his wife Heather for a 3/4 day today.  Nathan is friends with Chad Crawford who does a TV show called How to do Florida which we’ve done a few episodes with him for the marina.  The weather was nice still slightly chilly with a slight northwest breeze but overall pretty calm.  The water got real pretty in a lot of spots.  We caught a good number of redfish in the first area, then a few jacks and mackerels moved in and it quieted down.  We moved around and got into another good bite of redfish, a couple bigger fish and a nice snook.  But again the jacks got on us and it was hard to get through them.  After that we ran and tried another area, got a nice 12 lb snook there.  We headed up the coast and fished a few sandbars, got a black drum off each one of them nothing huge but one was a decent 7 or 8 lber.  We then got shallow and found a good number of redfish again with a couple more drum and a couple small snook.  Ran around and tried some more areas, a few more reds and snook, and then found some floating tripletail.  We caught 1 but missed another bigger one that was about 10 lbs.  On the way home tried a new spot where I’d caught a few big snook in the summer.  Today was the right day we caught a half dozen big redfish in the 10 to 15 lb range!  Also had a few more tripletails float by us but we were busy with the reds.  All in all a fantastic day in the bay, looks like it’ll cool down again tonight and north wind tomorrow, I think that’ll actually be better for the fishing again.  I’ll be back at it tomorrow and Thursday then taking Friday off.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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