12/9/19 Fishing for Tripletail in the gulf of mexico florida keys

Well a little something different the last few days.  I had Chris and Paul visiting, along with Steve and another Chris, who were doing some tripletail research.  I’d been in contact with Steve for a few months, and they were trying to get data on tripletail in our area.  They were wanting to catch fish and implant acoustic tags which ping and are picked up by transmitters spread throughout the gulf and areas all throughout the US.  They are wanting to know migration patterns etc…  We booked 4 days originally but fishing was very good so we got it done in 3 days and they cancelled the fourth!  It was pretty cool, day 1 we saw a ton of fish and they got most of their tags out that first day.  Day 2 we didn’t see near as many but they got what they needed out and we saved the last couple tags for day 3 when we were filming as we are going to do a very cool YouTube show on this.  They also got a bunch of genetic data and put out standard spaghetti tags.  If you catch a fish with the double tag it will say please release as these have the acoustic  tags implanted internally.  Day 2 we also caught a big 15+ lb tripletail, biggest I’ve seen in a while so that was pretty cool.  Stay tuned and we should have the YouTube video up in a few more days or early next week at the latest.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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