12/29/19 Late December end of the year charter fishing trip in the Keys

Got out with Alex, AJ, Cooper, and Joanne today visiting from Tampa.  We decided to mix it up and fish the conditions.  Mackerels bit very well early on with the falling tide.  Again the wind faded a lot and the gulf was really nice in the morning. After a couple hours of that we worked our way towards the mainland everglades and caught some tripletail on the way.  Caught several small guys, then AJ got a nice 18 inch legal one we kept for dinner.  After that we tried a few spots for the shot at something big.  Tide was nearing it’s change and conditions looked OK.  The wind had kicked up a lot but with the tide starting in the water looked half decent.  We gave it some time, and then we got a few big look downs, a juvenile goliath grouper, and finally a nice 18 lb black drum!  Next stop produced a couple big 13-15 lb redfish, and missed something big on a pinfish.  After that we hit the creeks and were just barely able to make it in there.  But the snook bite was good we caught 20 or so snook, and a few smaller drums and reds.  Action packed day that made me look like a rock start.  Winds suppose to fade a little tomorrow, then get nice easy north breeze on Tuesday and a mild front that may be a great day for fishing.  Then I’ll be out of town for a week.  But let’s see what happens tomorrow!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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