1/30/20 Late January Backcountry Florida Keys Fishing Update

Got out the last couple days for some fishing.  Yesterday I had my dad and our friends Andy Newman and Barry Gregg.  We went after some bigguns early, they weren’t super cooperative but managed a handful of nice fish.  Sometimes thats the way it goes you can spend hours trying to catch one good size trophy fish, and forgo catching tons of smaller ones for more action.  But when I take my dad, we’ve caught enough numbers in our day that we don’t mind the occasional strike out to get something glorious when it works out!  Dad got a monster red to start the day, a near 30 lb redfish.  Nothing much after that for a couple hours, then got into some smaller snook and I managed one decent 13 lber.  After that we ran out in the gulf looking for fish out there but didn’t see a whole lot.  Came back inshore, and we got a nice big 25 lb black drum!  Finished the day up with some smaller fish for action – snook and reds mostly.

Today I had Tommy, Kevin, and Nick who were visiting from Illinois and filming for their YouTube fishing show, McGrath fishing.  The wind had picked up a fair bit blowing northwest.  Not a favorite wind condition and we had a high falling tide to start the day.  Current was ripping in a lot of areas, but we got tucked away and picked away at snook and reds.  As the tide fell out and current slow down, the bite got better and better.  We kept moving around, and by the day’s end I think we boated well over 50 fish.  Nothing super huge but wasn’t the day for it.  But the guys got some great footage for their show.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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