2/7/16 February Islamorada Fishing in the backcountry

Got out with Steve and Jim again today.  We focused on our light rod action fishing again and got some good dinner.  Plenty of mackerels early, and a few decent snappers off some gulf wreck structure as well.  Chopped pinfish chunks did the trick for the bigger snappers.  After that we looked for triple tails, but we didn’t see much only 1 tiny one.  We went inshore after that and caught a few trout and a nice pompano for Jim for dinner later.  After that we hit the mangrove islands to finish our limit of snappers, we got a few nice ones out of the trees on cut bait as well.  Plenty of action!  Tomorrow I may try for some tarpon, heard there had been a few around the last couple days and the temperatures are in that bottom realm of catch possibility.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk