6/29/20 June Everglades Fishing big snooks firing off with the calm weather!

Got out with my dad and friends Stephen and Russ today for a day of fishing.  Yesterday I tarpon fished all day with Blake and Robert.  It was a tough day we worked very hard to catch bait, not as much as I would’ve liked but enough to have gotten the job done.  But fishing was also tough found some tarpon but just not happy, we did catch some sharks and a few big jacks.  We jumped one tarpon literally last bait out in the last stop of the day.  But just didn’t stay on for us.  But today we were rewarded handsomely.  The winds laid down it had been blowing a fair bit the last couple days before.  Water cleaned up and we had nice incoming tide.  We were after big snooks and we found a good handful.  We caught 4 between 15 and 25 lbs, the largest being one of the biggest I’ve seen back there a true 25ish lbs.  We also caught a couple in the 8 to 10 lb range, normally considered a large snook (for here) but we’ve been spoiled now finding these monsters!  Anyways great to see.  Summer can be a great time for snook fishing and when it’s calm the chance for monster snook is there.  You may have to fish all day to have a shot at a 15 plus lber here but to catch one is well worth it.  My dad has the patience to sit there and there isn’t any pressure on my end, so it’s a little different then sometimes with clients we feel pressure to put people on action especially when we know you might only get 1 or 2 bites all day out of those trophy class fish.  But it’s nice when you catch several in a day!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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