4/22/2021 April Snook Fishing in the Everglades National Park

Wow what an insane day with my dad Richard and our friend Pete.  Hadn’t gone after the big girl snooks in a while I’ve been mostly tarpon fishing as of late.  But we gave it a go today and I will say we had a little bit of a good north breeze which last year we had real good fishing one day with a similar late spring/summer day with north wind I remember catching a lot of big snook.  Didn’t expect the same today but boy did it turn out that way.  We ended up catching half a dozen snook all in the 15 to close to 30 lb range, including one that was Pete’s personal best and one that was maybe one of my dad’s biggest back there as well.  Just great to see and hopefully a good sign for what’s to come this summer.  We had such a good few months a couple years ago catching these over slot snook and then in the last year there had been a lot of mud and nasty water everywhere and they seemed to get much harder to find but good to see them again.  Pete is considering a mount of his snook through Gray Taxidermy which I always suggest to my anglers if they catch that fish of a lifetime!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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