2/16/19 February Islamorada Fishing in the Backcountry

Fun fishing with pops again, and his lucky streak continues! We were hoping it’d be flat clam and we might find those permit again. Though we started to run back there and it seemed to be rough and just didn’t feel right, so we bailed on that. Tried a few other spots out there and did get into a mess of spanish mackerel and jacks with some big sharks mixed in. We ran back inshore and checked a few other areas too, way up the coast but the tide was high too high for the spots I wanted to hit, and too low to get up in the other areas. But we decided to work another area I don’t often fish just to try something new. We didn’t have much luck at first, blind casting on the trolling motor. But after a little while and some patience, I hooked a big snook that made a blistering run! Unfortunately the hook pulled, and I was using a smaller hook as I wasn’t expecting such a monster. I thought that might be our shot at the fish of the day, but my dad made a cast right in the same area and then he hooked a monster too that made the same type of run. He landed a gorgeous fish probably a 15 lber! We ended up getting a double header a little later after that which was cool, and then walking the shore my dad got another one. He had been wanting to get a nice picture with a snook on the shoreline which we had the perfect opportunity. After that we had to run in, but what a way to end our day.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing