8/19/2022 Backcountry SLAM in August with Mark

So i’ve been fishing a bit this week and we’ve finally had some calm weather after a really windy July & early august.  Very unusual time of year for that much wind.  Fishing had been a little tough through that… we were catching fish but having to work at it a bit.  Today though I had Mark out and the last slick calm day we’re suppose to have as the wind picks up a little again tomorrow.  But fishing was very good.  We caught over 20 snook, 3 redfish, and a juvenile tarpon for a backcountry SLAM for him!  He’d never caught a red so that was extra cool.  We’re getting into off season now, and the last couple years it’s stayed pretty busy all year long with everyone coming to Florida post-COVID… but now this year with recession looming, high fuel prices, etc… it finally seems like business is going somewhat back to normal and it’ll be quiet down here for a month or two.  Which is somewhat welcome to be honest of course we love to be busy but I think the Keys need a bit of a break – the fish certainly do as that constant fishing pressure has been tough on them!  So anyways September can offer some great angling opportunities and the backcountry fishing is often excellent.  Still some resident tarpon around.  And you can have a shot at a permit or bonefish or something like that too.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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